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…a research tool for the 21st century

A Better Tool in the Researcher's Toolbox


Seymour I. Rubinstein, creator of the first word processing program for the personal computer, WordStar, is announcing a ground-breaking new program that will help you search, find and organize information in any alphabet-based language.

We call it WebThresher to emphasize the program’s ability to discard irrelevant information,

    Web Thresher…
  • …improves the accuracy of the presented information
  • …eliminates non-responsive replies
  • …increases the thoroughness of the presented information, including simultaneous view of website and results
  • …offers encyclopedic organization of results through a generated index, a synopsis abstract and a context abstract
  • …provides a more comprehensive user interface to facilitate user information assimilation
  • …enables user to search websites in any alphabet-based language
  • …manages evidence through automatic Bates Number generation, automatic indexing by subject and indexing of depositions and other pertinent data
  • …minimizes specious responses
  • AND, by bypassing use of a server farm, WebThresher avoids advertising and enhances privacy



Thresher sharks drive large schools of fish into hunting zones where prey is stunned with strong strokes of their unique tails.