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Configurable search source selection
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Choose the search resources that best suit your needs for each search recipe and the number of results to be returned from each.

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RecipesWebThresher interface illustration

Your search term(s) and selected search resources are saved into a Recipe

ResultsWebThresher interface illustration

Displayed Results are configurable. You may view instead of or in addition to the MetaDescription, a WebThresher-generated context abstract, a WebThresher-generated synopsis abstract, Meta keywords and/or the URL

Back of Book IndexWebThresher interface illustration

As WebThresher processes results, what it perceives as “interesting phrases” are extracted and indexed alpha numerically suggesting intuitive questions that the user may not have thought to ask

Browser ViewWebThresher interface illustration

WebThresher provides a private web browser that shows a live view of any clicked result together with the index, enhanced results and recipe, allowing multiple levels of verification that a particular site actually contains the information you seek

Search RefinementWebThresher interface illustration

As WebThresher processes the results it provides, it remembers every word of every page of every resultant website, essentially reading the sites for you. You may then type words and/or phrases into the Refine Box enabling the user to see only the sites containing those words and/or phrases. Uniquely, these secondary searches then lend themselves to further refinement.

WebThresher interface illustration“Economic Impact of Brexit”, (36 resultant websites), refined to “EU Membership” (9 resultant websites.

Further refined to “cost per household” producing a single result; ever-narrowing your focus. Refines may reveal themselves by reading synopsis abstracts, context abstract and/or index line items or be a part of a pre-planned search strategy.